Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

good...but needs iproveing

it's a awesome beat-em-up game, it's really fun just beating the shit out of things, the graphics are some of the best I've seen as a Gamer. but you could try to make more combo attacks, power ups, a score ranking, and maybe a diffculty select...it's your desicion to add that.

...the beginning of something awesome.

Great sprite animation and music, but repetitive game play. Please make it the level-by-level beat em up it was born to be!!!

uhhhhh... is this game endless?

okay game sort of small and pointless though

Jesus H. Christo People!!!!

He even stated it was a small game that was a finished continuation a previously non-finished game. It was a fun little game for what its worth so don't go around blaming things you have just hurriedly had to judge. Its a good concept for a game and now that "I UNDERSTAND WHY THIS WASN'T BUILT TO IT'S FULL POTENTIAL," I can say that a lot of others are just overreacting. Oh and it never glitched for me, and I played though the whole game. Take your ass to Best Buy and get a better computer because I'm playing on a 2005 HP with Windows XP, and its running better than whatever broke ass system your on.


The game is boring, annoying and copied the special Zangief (Street Fighter)