Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"


Kinda expectin big on this ne... its great but not enough....


Pretty fun game. Good for just sittin' and doin' somethin' simple and quick to relieve 73H B0R3D0M5. And I really like the music. I could sit and listen to it forever.


YES finnaly found it....I found this game a couple months ago and I loved it...but I didint had an account so I couldnt rate or anything.But now I can and I love this game!

Its one of my favorites games here on newgrounds. But as houseofkrazees said it could be even better with coop, maybe some multiplayer or hes son. That was very good sugstion.Hopefully you will add this later ;)

Mike Haggar would be proud.

This would make a good co op if you added the son to the mix.

Could be better

If you add some things like upgrades or items then it would be better.
A 7 for now.