Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"


:ole what everyone else is pretty much saying, there needs improvement, No healing... No restoring Special... same 2 enemy graphics every time... Very limited combos... Only one attack button. These things need improvement.

Other then that I actually like this game very much. =)


I'm quite disappointed in this one. Spamming a is about all you need to do, and press left or right every so often. No upgrades, same baddies each wave is fairly boring. I also don't like the attack system, in that if you hit a small guy 4-5 times, and uppercut a big guy, the big guy will die and the little ones are invulnerable, and the same if you do it in reverse (tested on level one, when I ran out of other targets I uppercut the air instead, they didn't die and managed to kill me instead. I hit the little things a good 400 times.) I also didn't really like the lack of any form of regen, even if it was as low as 1hp/1Sp every 2 rounds.

As a guy who seems to have one helluva knack for making awesome games that make hours fly, this one barely earns a 5/10 in my books. Music and graphics were good, but this (and Rufus Da demon) are the only two games that are... lacking.

Not Dissapointing

maybe dad'n'me was waaaaaaaaaaay better (this game is better for me though) but this game's graphics are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than dad'n'me and this game's music is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than dad'n'me !!!!!! great job Gonzossm!!!

Good, but it could be far better

If it had some cool upgrades, different guys to kill, it would be way better


Dad 'n Me was waaaay better ...