Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

Fatherly Bonds: Da Game Review

Nice Beat em' up Game. But the game isn't that good though. You can add a few more upgrades to this game like blood, more action, the characters need a HP bar, levels and a storyline. I mean, the game is doing one thing like beating bad guys to hell though. It doesn't take very long to beat the antagonists up, you just need to uppercut them into the air two times. The good parts of the game is the controls are easy to master, it at least has a High Score Board and it keeps gettin harder and harder because, I like hard games. The game is very epic due to art. Too bad Mr. Fulp is not in it. I give the game a six out of ten and a 3 out of five.

great game!

a bit hard towards the end but! great none the less, by teh way...that's one big motherfucker. :|

10 only 10 this deserves way better than that

Way better than Mario bros. on the nes way bloodier too

Score : 10750

Good Game, could have been a lot better tho...
Different types of enemies and upgrades shop (with a chain saw that you can purchas) >:) like I am used to see in your other flash, would have make the game more colorful and challenging. You could have also drop a few "power up" icons every 5 levels or so to restore some of the Special Attack...
I don't know, I'm just throwing some ideas in the air.

aw~~~ :D

aaahhh... good times... :D