Reviews for "Feraligatr"

Feraligatr for the win.

I love the blood and the evil looking eye. It adds that nice level of drastic realism to offset the often kiddish style of pokemon these days. Plus, Feraligatr is the best Water starter evolution ever. :D

i love your art

water pokemon were always badass and they did get pretty gay after gold/silver


Great art, but, Propergander seems to have read wrong. You didn't say you traced it, seems to me like you said you just looked at the sprite and drew in the same window. Regardless, good work, Gonzo.


You said you traced this?
I'm no professional, but i've always thought tracing was a lesser form of art, sorry.
I belive you have to create something of your own, or take something and make it better. So for me, all I can see you doing for this was adding a few spots of red.
I just don't know about this whole tracing buisness, i've only ever done it over a rough draft of something that I had draw from observation to make the lines cleaner.

Gonzossm responds:

was for fun =_="