Reviews for "Feraligatr"

well then

its nice to know we both share the same opinion about pokemon

good but...

pokemon just sucks now too me i used too like but its just the same thing eh..... id rather play final fantasy and digimon world ds than play diamond pearl and platnum


reminds me of pokemon silver, completed it 100%... well i cheated at 90% i found out how to clone pokemon and i was like.... !!! then i ended it up with like 20 feraligators

good fucking job

you get 1 HIGH FIVE :3


Everybody seems to be bringin' back Pokemon... and I love it! :B
I don't know where the hell i've been, but since the last time i've been here, half of your gallery is new to me.
Love it all!

Definitely gonna have to favourite you.
Keep it up. :)

5/5 10/10

Gonzossm responds:

Pokeman is the shit B-)
I should post more art hmmm
thanks for fav :D *returns favor*