Reviews for "Feraligatr"


Its awesome, Really awesome

Good to see Pokemon's making a comeback.

Feraligatr was always the most badass Water starter pokemon.
It looks as though Gamefreak doesn't plan on topping itself.

Despite starting out with Gold/Silver, you've actually made me question getting the remake, even though I vowed never to buy another Pokemon game until they move the franchise.
Not even Activision with its endless spamming of Guitar Hero could make the game last ten years without changing the formula.

Fived and Faved.


I was recently given pokemon crystal and totodile is my favorite pokemon. Love your work and keep them coming!

Oh, HAILZ yeeuh.

Holy shit- this had to be like the GREATEST of all Pokemon, don't you agree? This pic only makes it THAT much more badass.


O.O im scared!! lol nice job thats freaking sweet!! XD