Reviews for "Pico's Perpetual Party"


I think it's a nice, small game. I really like the graphics. I also made a small medal guide for it. Here it is: (It is also one of my news posts)

10 medals, 310 points

There are two difficulties: ''Girly Man'' and ''Real Man''
You can get three medals with the Girly Man difficulty, and seven medals with Real man difficulty, including the three secret medals.

There are three games. You have to shake a bottle with the first game. The best pace is to press up and down about 8 times each second. A steady pace is better than to mash your arrow keys. Both difficulties.

In the second game you have to press left and right to lift a weight. You have to lift the weight 50 times on Girly and 100 times on Real. The best pace here is about 3 or four times each second. Both difficulties.

In the third game you have to press 15 random keys on your keyboard on Girly Man, And the whole alphabet on Real man. There is no strategy for this one. Just keyboard skills.

Those are the three games, now for the medals:

Sissy shaker> complete the bottle shaking on Girly mode.
Classy weight lifter> complete the weight lifting on Girly.
Super shaker> complete the bottle shaking on Real.
Expert weight lifter> complete the weight lifting on Real
Girly man> complete Girly mode.
Real man> complete Real mode with quite a good score (more than 25 sec. left).
True man> Godliest: "True man is with 35 seconds left.'' Do this in Real mode

For the three secret medals, here's a hint:
On real mode, when you complete one of the three games, there is a stop that lasts 5 seconds. During that time, click on something of Pico, Darnell or Nene.


25 secs on hard first try. fun game, should be longer, more challenges. The game was way fun though! =)



it was good for medals

yeah above explains it all