Reviews for "A Place Of Misery(Remake)"

Dayum man, the drums are thick and sweet, rythm is chunky and badass, the vocals are the best I've ever heard you sung! FUCKING BADASS BRO!!! UGH UGH!!! 2:23 def my fav part of the tune.. LOVE it

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much, dude. I really like that part too, was hoping to solo over it, but I have fat homer simpson fingers ....haha
Being in a band and playing live as much as we do, has helped steady my vocals, immensely. I'm glad you dig them, dude...you are an insaane vocalist. haha.

I remember I had most of your songs on my phone and I had the old version of this on the playlist I listened to when walking home. At the time I was an angry kid and it just seemed to fit. Right now I'm much less angry, and this is exactly the type of music I've been enjoying haha
And the most interesting part is how your singing skills have grown, and the recording has much more into it. Though I do like the trashier recordings because of their feeling haha.
but of course, perfect song.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you, Kup. I know for the original, I was just trying to be angry....haha. I've worked very hard on my singing...It pays off, our band has been playing a lot of live shows lately. Too bad you live so far away.. Could come see us play. However, a bit lighter, than you are used to, from me.

Cheers for the review, glad you like it. :)

whats wrong with tuesdays?
and good song sounds like alice in chains meets some djentcore band

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Tuesdays and I, have a bad track record.
Cheers for the review, glad you dig it.

This sounds actually really cool! Reminds me of a band I listened to some years back! Good times! Take it as a compliment! It gave me a good feeling! Good work!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

That's awesome, dude. Nice to influence the way people feel!! Cheers for the review, MAN!

wow, this is some kickass stuff! man, those vocal melodies are fucking sick! haha, doesn't have that much in common with the original, really. but that's a good thing, as this is far superior in all fields. most excellent stuff, brother! this bitch is going on repeat till the end of time!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks Schleify! Glad you dig it! I fucked around with alternative choruses forever! haha. Glad they panned out. Cheers my brother!