Reviews for "Canthos DEMO"

Sweet Game

It's like a mixture between Sky's of Arcadia and Prince of Persia.

Xiphon responds:

I actually took a lot of influence from Prince of Persia making this, I liked the acrobatic game-style.

I also took a lot from Sonic, it even shows through his spiky hair and all the rolling around

Really cool!

Artwork was dazzling, I'll get that out of the way first. Animations were tweened, so they look not as organic as they could be, but the rest was fascinating. I congratulate you for creating a dynamic and fun world. It takes lots of skill and talent to make something engaging for the player.

Music was great as well, I don't know why the scores are so low though, many of those tracks are wonderful, done by the amazing Cazok... I even used the Canthos theme for my own game, hope it doesn't inflict anything on this, but it sounded so cool.

Gameplay is where there are a few issues. I won't rate you on it too much because it is obviously still in demo form, glitches are expected. Here are the glitches I encountered.

-Grappling is extremely glitchy, sometimes I was thrown around an entire object and other times I instantly died or was able to climb into infinite space.
-Combat is a bit dull with the main characters, you should add combo moves.
-When you roll under something and try jumping it messes up. I actually have a solution for this, for as I have the same kind of mechanic in my game and I used a method to fix it.

Go to your character code. Make a variable around the jumping actions,

//your code

Then, go to a part where you have to roll. Make an invisible movieclip box on that area and make hittests that disable the jumping variable when your player is touching them, but make an


command so that jumping is enabled once you out of the whole.

Anyway, onto the rest of the glitches.

-Menu should be mapped to P and arrow key navigation is recommended.
-If there was a ceiling that was walkable and i was underneath it, if I jumped, I hit it and then boosted up, looks a bit jaggy.
-Grappling to walking lines should be automatic instead of pressing CTRL, or at least have a command pop up over the characters head that says CTRL so it is more obvious.

Most of the glitches are found in the grappling move, though. Unless it's too late, I suggest scrapping it or taking away it's functionality of gripping to walls because it will be really hard to make it glitch free. Critics notice tiny little errors like this and go mad.

Otherwise, really cool project and I am behind it 100%!

Xiphon responds:

thanks for the review, I'm actually trying to find more beta testers that know something about code.
Once, some time ago, I was trying to find someone to just code it for me cause I didn't know what I was doing, unfortunately it didn't turn out many promising results, so I undertook the task myself.

The crouching thing, yeah, that's a bug that's there and I've had a plan to fix it and just always forget to when I open up the file.
The grapple is probably the biggest rediculous thing I've been trying to make work, And i dunno if i should bother with it.
Originally, you were supposed to be able to aim it in any direction, but I wasn't sure how to do that (at the time). I want to keep it in the game, I just need to find a way to make it work without throwing the character all over the place. And things get even worse when you try grappling to enemies off of walls and stuff like that...

Not bad.

The graphics where beautiful, the music was amazing, it looks and sounds really good, but as soon as you start playing it falls flat on it's face. It feels really slippery and the collision detection with walls and platforms doesn't work right, I haven't made a platformer before so I can't give any specific advice, but keep working on it.

Xiphon responds:

Yeah, unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to manage collision other than hit-tests, and I think the physics are to watery,

I've been debating re-doing a lot of the physics since I actually coded in the base over a year ago, and I've been tinkering with it since.
Things like variable speeds causing the walls to feel more squishy than they should, etc etc