Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

Wow, 2 days aint bad!

Great homage to the original, I can't believe I was able to beat it so fast! It took me a total of about an hour and a half, but it sure was brutal! I'm not sure if the original game was like this, but I noticed you were either a bit more forgiving and gave the player a little bit of room next to spikes so they wouldn't be deadly to the pinky-toe touch or if you accidentally made them glitch that way. I noticed there's a glitch in the Pac-Man multi-colored room all the way to the right with all the square platforms and spikes that if you jump to the upper right instead of going to the upperleft you can glitch through a couple of stages and wind up in front of donkey kong. Regardless, it was a fun game, and if I may suggest maybe a special Newgrounds edition at some point where you have to avoid tankmen running you over or pico shooting at you?

I love the game. There's just a problem.

While I understand that this game was MEANT to have bad things about it, which to me, added to the total value of it, some of it was just plain fucking retarded. There is this one part early in the beginning, that honestly took me nine hours to get past. ONCE. It's rediculous enough I spent more than an hour playing it, which is fine, but an extra 9 hours to get past that stupid triangle-spewing volcano so early in the game?! It's rediculous! As I speak, I've already attained over 3647 deaths, and it's plain rediculous. One thing flies in the opposite direction, I still end up dying without hitting the suicide button. That's my only compaint towards this... Other than that, this game still gets a full score and rating.

Just great

This is the kind of game that just wants to piss you off, at first i didnt even know the controls, so i just tought "F*ck it, lets play". Took some time to figure out the w button to jump. So i tried the game... COULD IT BE EVEN HARDER? Just when you think that youre getting far this itme, you get scr*ewed over. So i actually enjoyed this game. Its a kind of game youd send to your friend and say "Beat my score" (In this instance, the time limit of course)


itws fun but i canr beat the pyramid head

Holy shit

Its challenging, but its addictive as hell. Its very hard, but because of what its based on, i see where the idea comes from. Great work, possibly if you make a sequal. add the gun?