Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

I beat this after 2 hours and 47 lifes.

So you can make it harder or accept that this game is FAR TO EASY!

Somewhat buggy.

With some moving platforms, my "kid" had a bad habit of falling straight through them while landing on them.

...This also happened when I actually landed on the platform, and started walking on them to follow their movement.

Fell straight through the middle.

This bugginess is also seen in the area with a giant rotating smileyface object, the character tends to glitch through parts of it.

It Had Problems...

Good Game, bit to challenging for my taste tho. >.<
While i was playing i found some serious and funny problems along the way.
1:Once When i died i droped 3 heads. lol
2:I didnt even touch the spike and it killed me.
3:How does an apple kill you?
4:When i died and i restart my character doesnt come back, so i have to restart EVERY time that happens.
5:Sometimes the music gets glitchy and i hear specs or something.

I didnt rate it less then 7 because i could have just been weird problems on my on computer.
Overall Rating:

Sorta Lame...

It felt extremely sluggish to play, especially if you had just been playing IWBTG. Your character moves at about one third the speed he would in the actual game. Also, hit detection was pretty bad and double jump seemed to not work at certain moments. Music selection was pretty good, and the idea behind it is fun, but needs a tad bit of tweaking.

For me the double jump response is too slow. For some reason I also received the Time Waster medal after 2h play, not the proper one.