Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

I love this game.

It resembles very much the game it's based on. Traps and fails everywhere.
But I've an question - What's the name of the song that's playing when you die?

i actually dont know

i have know idea how difficult it was becuase i cheated and used forward i know your asking how... try using settings. it looked fun and hard. fix the cheat though. its easy to get the badges with forward

tisk tisk tisk

I can't believe all the hate! For a "I wanna be the guy" rip-off is pretty darn good, I missed the gun though. and placing the suicide button right next to the jump button was genious!


is out to kill you

P.S. how does everyone think this game sucks?, it rocks!
P.P.S. the cloud at the beginning of the game when it came down it made me jump.

i fond a guites =D

if press q and r rely fast ur death cont will go hige