Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

i can't finish the game i am at the part where like i fall from space and hit the pillow and then you get on this bike thing and then you go into a building and die and then i turns black screen and i can't get out of it i refresh the page and then go to continue but still black screen

Fucking epic man. Nearly as hard as the original I wanna be the man!

bueno pero no como el ariginal

The game is a work of someone who was to lazy to correctly make it. The character is to big, the spikes have a small hit radius, and platforms move faster than the character does.
Having played and beaten IWBTG this is a poor excuse for a game resembling it. I mean the platforms and shit dont even reset when you die unless you go off screen! WTF
The game is challenging like IWBTG but its not nearly as fun and addictive

Lazy Creator, Lame Game