Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

I won the last 4 medals!
i win at everything:defeat final boss

ummmmm would it be possible to beaca fix the part where you go on the wheelie beacause there is just a black screen but besides that great game :D

Love this game. I'm only 3 screens over and I've died 18 times ( several of which were playing around). Is there possibly a way I could save this to my computer to play anytime I wanted, whether I have Internet or not? Hughes net sucks pretty hard sometimes. I have a friend who likes to try and play Frustration Mario. Heh, wait till I introduce him to this.

...I've beaten the game before, so I'm not just trolling cuz I thought it was too difficult. In fact I rather laiked the difficulty and woulda gladly given you 5 stars and a 5 in general. Instead you got no stars and a big fat 0... DO you know why? Because the double jump would randoly not work!!! That is literally the only reason I wish this piece of shit was blamed. I would have rathered to never play it at all than have played it with a messed up double jump. But, like an idiot, so some reason years ao I actually toiled through and beat it. And now on the replay, I realize this game is pure garbage. Like I said, I rather enjoyed the difficulty; but being unable to double jump at random times (most often at key moments when I was further than ever before! Soooo, close, and then!... WTF, y no double jump!!!!! SOOOOO RANDOM AND TERRIBLE!). So, there it is. If you would ever patch this game and simply make it playable, it would be one of my favorites of all time on NG. But until that day, this remains a fetid pile of feces.