Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

The game like all other IWBTG games is based primarily on trial and error - very little if any skill involved. The only way to win without dying would be to hit R right before you die everytime or make sure you have 0 deaths before stepping onto any save platform. Would be nice if the game actually functioned in the gravity factory. You must reload after every death in there since the screen goes black and you cannot see what you are doing until you are dead.
What's with the trolling in the game description btw?

It is true in saying that this game IS hard to beat, but like you said, it is possible. But as other reviewers have said, the way in which you made the game hard is what brings the game down. Though this game follows the same concept of the original game you based this off of by having traps everywhere, this game does it fairly poorly. One example is when you are hit by something that either flies up at you from the ground, or down at you from the air, the character can die even when you can clearly see that the character wasn't touching the object. Of course, you noted this in your description, but you seem to think that by saying 'This isn't an average game" it somehow justifies making the game faulty. You basically noted every fault you made with the game and then said "That was on purpose" to make it seem like it is perfectly fine. I suppose the hitboxes worked in your favour, as it made the game a lot harder, but if that is the case, then there is no other way to describe it as poor game design.

As for the part where you say that people hate games that don't agree with the usual concept of how games work, you say this as though it is a bad thing. The usual concept of games is that they are usually made with the intentions of having no bugs or issues that will otherwise make the gameplay unenjoyable for the audience. All you did with this game is make it stand out from the others for the wrong reasons. You took a game, took the exact same gameplay elements, but made it worse.

However, the game's difficulty is notably easier than the original. It didn't take long to adapt to the hitboxes, and eventually I started to progress though the game faster than I expected.
In fact, I got to the first boss, where Pyramid head would walk back and forward swinging his cleaver. For the first few tries I actually did jump around the platforms and failed. Then on the 3rd time I got distracted by something and closed the tab, while the game was still in play. About a minute later, I go back to find that I somehow managed to beat the boss by doing absolutely nothing. I honestly don't know if this was intentional, but it seems a bit odd that in a game that is advertised by the creator as incredibly hard and mind breaking, you can beat a boss by standing still and doing nothing at all.

As for the art of the game, it was generally pretty nice to look at. Maybe it is just because I like the style of art that the artist used for the game, but I usually found it pretty enjoyable to look at. The music choice wasn't that bad, but it wasn't great either.

I can understand making a game that was poorly made intentionally, as I have made 2 of those kinds of games myself, but your description gave me the impression that this isn't a joke game, and was a serious effort to make something good. But when people started pointing out the faults with it, you say that it was the game was made with those faults on purpose. A serious product should never have faults with it.

Though I enjoyed the game somewhat, I still think that it could have been way more than what you intentionally made it out to be. If you had avoided the mindset of "Glitches in a game makes it harder, I will do that and not accept any criticism for it", this game would have been way better.
And I seriously suggest that if you ever need to write an edit in your descriptions, you don't make yourself seem like an asshole.

Author, you should at least warn your players about the health hazards contained in this game. The light strobes in this game are way too bright and could cause seizures in people who suffer epilepsy. They could go to the hospital, or even go in a coma!
Now reviewing the difficulty, the methods you use to make this game "difficult" is completely invalid. A difficult game is not only composed of random flying objects that kill you. You should focus more on making your level design better. Since you are being completely arrogant according to what you said in the description, I'm not going to review this further. Please have fun getting more negative reviews on your game and not even bother to fix what is addressed.

I've played through this flash game ages ago. Contrary to what you might think, Lochie, this game is not very difficult. It's certainly not a game that seems impossible to defeat. Whle there are certainly lulz-worthy instances of objects falling when you move to a certain spot on the screen, there isn't much in terms of segments where the player is actually tasked with quick thinking or performing difficult inputs.

It takes a lot of guts to make an achievement insinuating that the player is glitching because they no-missed the game. Someone managed to no-death the game within three days of its launch on newgrounds. For comparison, it took six years for the Japanese shmup community to even clear Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou: Death Label.

This game isn't actually , as you allege, one that is too hard for the weak minded. Games like this take little more than patience to beat. Though you bill this as a rebellion against the common flash game, it actually seems to be more a case of the mainstream re-appropriating a game like I Wanna Be The Guy into its own fold, subduing what made the original game so enjoyable. I Wanna be the Fangame is both more challenging, more faithful to the source material,and more interesting than this game.

I don't know exactly where to start, but I have many choice words prepared for you concerning this game. First of all, I enjoy playing difficult games--despite being bad at most of them--because the game itself seems to issue a challenge that I feel the need to accept, metaphorically speaking. Second of all, this game seems to be insufficiently programmed and tested, as there are multiple glitches e.g. flipping over repeatedly while riding the walls of the Gravity Factory and failing to double-jump for no apparent reason. As I understand that you have received multiple complaints concerning these issues, I shall not voice any more qualms where this topic is concerned.

However, besides the unintentional glitches, there are also some parts of the game simply intended to troll the viewers. Although I also find this amusing, I don't quite understand how the roof of a house could randomly fly towards our hero, why there are apples in space, or how someone could be crushed by a star the size of a walnut. I would like it if you could explain this to me.

Aside from the negatives, however, this game has multiple positives as well. I can see that you put a vast amount of effort into the concept of this game, as it has many puzzles and quirks that I enjoyed, e.g. the puzzle section in the spaceship and the Gravity Factory. Best of all, however, was the space level. Great music, great gameplay, great concept. Kudos to you!