Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

Juust the right amount of frustration

to make you stop the first day, but try again the next. This thing is awesome. :)


so... controls don't always work gets annoying, but i dealt with it, beat the game completely, and then die at the end? is there any way to avoid that? a death in beating a game seems like a giant middle finger to me, kinda pissed me off lol


Listen, I really like frustrating games like this. I think they can be fun and entertaining. The difficulty is ok, I mean, it's hard but doable, a few tries and you get it. But the controls need serious readjusting. It's one thing to be crushed by a secret spike that you never saw coming, but the double jump fails waaaaay too much. When you do everything right and the controls don't respond that's just adding insult to injury.

Other than that, had fun for 15 minutes.


Frustration at its best.

It was fun for the first 10 minutes, but then I became frustrated at the slow speed of the character and the rare save points. Having to do the exact same thing over and over and over again until I didn't die finally and found a new save point was ridiculous. There were points in the game where it was just plain confusing with no sense of direction. After I got to the part in the game with the moving platforms, I stopped playing because of how impossible is was to STAY on the platform, let alone jump to another one. And I was confused as to where my character was going and why? I was a little disappointed that the medals were mostly about dying, where is the fun in that?
You've essentially created a game to make the player NOT want to play the game.

fun, but the control is flawed

this game really force you to guess everything in your path whether if it is lethal or not (such as clouds and roof of the house) and even think of the unexpected.

however the control really sucks you are supposed to ALWAYS be able to jump while walking (if you press W while walking, most of the time you will not jump) the kid should also be able to make faster turn around because if he doesn't, i will not be able to pass the second level (after you got pass your house). to make this clear, everyone is hating this games because of the game is not challenging but is probably considered more as "annoying". challenging game is a game that makes the player think carefully or to think out of the box, but challenging game is not a game with a character that is hard to control.

Atleast add an 'easy mode' with better control for the sake of your score