Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

Well I'm giving up with the skeleton with horns that says "run coward, I am in a star, I hunger" and "beware, I live". I shoot it and shoot it and dodge it, and dodge the icicles and survive several cycles but it's not enough, the bullets seem to do nothing. But NOW, it's getting all jerky and I press the E button over and over again and it hardly ever shoots. I can never even get to the skeleton now, because you need to shoot the red sphere thing first a certain number of times, and I press the E button over and over again and maybe it shoots once in 5 seconds, and looks like firefox is about to crash. So I'm DONE with this. It's been buggy all through it. More and more, I'd press the W button in midair and it would NOT let me do the double-jump. It would just stall.

By the way. I'd tell you why this is an insult to the triple gear music and an inferior application for its use, but THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!

Spimlaf22, no one believes you. You can't even spell personal. Even if you did it in 13 deaths, you would take way longer than 12 minutes. Unless you mean 12 hours. In which case, you must have moved very slowly and carefully if it was that few deaths in that much time.

Zero Hero!

I'm going to assume people who gave this a bad rating aren't familiar with "I Want to be the Guy" which is the game this game is based off. In short, the bad graphics are intentional, the unfairness where you have to trial-and-error is intentional, and so forth.

"I Want to be the Guy" is meant to be a sort of parody of illogical unfair "hard" games where the difficulty isn't in legit difficulty but in the unfairness and stuff you had to know ahead of time that you couldn't possibly logically figure out the first time through. And "I wanna be the flash game" is meant to be the Flash version of that sort of parody.

It's meant to be a true test of patience. Oh and if you don't believe I got Zero Hero, go check the medals page.

What's your best time on this game ??
My personnal best is in 12:30:34 with 13 deaths.

I love the IWBTG games and this is also a great one.Its just so hard that it makes me wanna try try again to proceed on the kid's quest to get the gun back.

Very well made game, It is very hard like the actual I wanna be the guy. I loved that it made me want to restart after I died!