Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"


Lochie responds:

git gud

"This game will have a sequel. I'm not joking."
Yeah right....cool game though

Honestly, given the game's description, I don't know what did I expect. Broken hitboxes, bad controls and glitches aren't a sign of a game that takes patience to beat. They are a sign of lazy programming. Uninspired and poorly placed traps aren't a sign of a challenging platformer, they are a sign of lazy design. And ultimately, placing the blame on the players for not liking the game while hiding behind the shell of the classic argument "This is supposed to be a hard game!!!" is a clear sign of a game maker that can't take criticism. I can name a couple hundreds of games that are much harder than this (Including other fangames of I wanna be the Guy) and nowhere near as broken, so, I'm sorry, but making a hard game doesn't mean making a bad game.
So, to sum it up, my reason to give this game such a low rating are the bad controls, the uninspired and poorly placed traps, the lazy design and mainly, the broken hitboxes and the excessive amount of glitches. And if these are all intended, then all the more reason for me to dislike this, it simply means that the maker made a bad game on purpose. That being said, I chose to give this 1 star instead of 0 because the artist did a nice job, and it would be unfair to not mention it.

Yep, possible to beat. Cool!

I feel like this game is just about pressing Q and R to get the deaths needed for the medals.