Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

hmmmm no

I read your edit and just because its meant to be like this doesn't make it good.
If a game is suppose to be terrible dos hthat mean is good? no it means it sucks.


no offense or anything but its so unfair things come out of nowhere and u cant be prepared for it and the controls stink

not good

is it just me, or has anybody noticed that this is just a crappy unfair platformer ripoff? ANYBODY? that is why i don't like it


I know it's been said but it needs more speed

Ummmm.... But how do I move?

I can not comment on the nature of this game fairly, as the controls did not respond at all... Its the arrow keys right? And W to jump? Well none of it even made the little man budge. Not even the kill myself button worked. Cool music thought. :P Points for trying.