Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"


I love the concept. You are incredible at the Unexpected.

I discovered I loved you when you put the Spike behind the Death Counter on Lvl 3.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I wish a rating more than 10 existed.

I'm playing this game for last half hour and it's already more satisfying and time-killing then 99% other flash games. I can't believe people are actually rating this less than 10.



Awesome game
for the fact that u put the suicide key next to the jump button makes me die somethimes >:/
soo yea good game

You missed half the point of IWBTG.

IWBTG was about raw difficulty and dick moves in the level design, yes (you actually got most of that). But it worked because the controls were good and hit detection was consistent -- this, not so much.

As for "this isn't an average game", stop trying to be pretentious to cover up lazy use of off-kilter bounding rectangles, or a volcano that randomly shoots things the player is mechanically incapable of dodging because of sluggish controls (there's a difference between a hard game and an outright dice roll -- if I wanted the latter I'd play Yahtzee).

Also, the boss's cascading lag feels deliberate, since most of it clears up the moment you die. Just on the off-chance it's an oversight though, make sure falling spikes and bullets are freed up properly.

tisk tisk tisk

I can't believe all the hate! For a "I wanna be the guy" rip-off is pretty darn good, I missed the gun though. and placing the suicide button right next to the jump button was genious!