Reviews for "I wanna be the flash game"

My brain

Holy.... Can't process anything anymorqre. mind wonkt work well wenoughb... fiyugchk


SUCKS you cant now that the clouds drop etc. HOW SHOULD WE FINISH THIS GAME WITHOUT PLAYING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTILL WE MADE IT ??!! (takes about 3 yr.)

You need skill for something like this

What's the difference between this game and I Wanna Be The Guy? Well, for starters, IWBTG was made with actual skill. Kayin, the creator, understood how to make a game gruelling without making it annoying to play. Here, that understanding just isn't there. Very well, it's meant to be irritating, but who plays a game to be irritated? No-one besides masochists, as far as I know. 99% of people play games to have fun, not to be frustrated out of their minds. This is the video game equivalent of trolling.

Not original, not at all well executed

No offense, but this is a far cry from I wanna be the guy.

First of all, the controls a lot of the time can be rather unresponsive, especially with double jump. The platforming is terrible, it doesn't move with the platform you have to move with it, making even simple platforming damn near impossible to do. Not because you designed it in a fun challenging way but because it just doesn't function properly.

You guys have a pretty big chip on your shoulder for a game that's not even original. Instead of taking constructive criticism for the obvious flaws in the game, you (in a very egotistic manner) remark how your intention for a challenging game succeeded?

I wanna be the guy was hard because of how it was designed, you can't compare that the same way with your design flaws and bad coding, seriously, get over yourselves, that's the only way you will ever improve, not acting like a child over honest good constructive criticism.(not that all of it was good cc but you mostly addressed the good cc in your arrogant little author comment.)

Not to mention the art work, animation, and back grounds are down right ugly and lazily done, which I could have forgiven easily if the rest wasn't so poorly executed.

This fails at being "the flash game" and I doubt you learned anything from this experience, but hopefully you did, bad coding and execution does not make a good substitute for a truly challenging game.

The intention was good, but...

Too much difficult in a game can be reasonable, but only if exists fun envolved. If there is no fun in the difficulty, only what remains is frustration.

I mean, if the goal of this game to frustrate people, sucess, you've made it.
You game is well made, is difficult, it's calculated, but you killed the fun.

You got the talent, keep trying.
But this time, sorry, you failed.