Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Great game!

whole lotta fun :), not sure what everyones talking about tho... on normal it seemed pretty east to win, impossible was a bit of a challenge but still doable, tip for yall havin trouble, you get ALOT more money if your fighting on the enemys side of the feild. Anywho, great game keep it up :)

dont worry about these ppls reviews

i easily killed the enemy they just dont got skillz like me and u X D

Best war game ever!!!!!!

I DID IT... though it takes a long time to beat the game and all but overall this is... I would say, one of the ultimate war games ever!!!!!

Thank you for such a good game!!!


good fame could use improvment

to peopel who say they cant beat the game and your useing all theses complicated stratageies your over thniking it its a game just send a cluster fuck of people out and you win it the way i did it it took me 23 min

Thanks for the tip

aparently this game is more complicated than I thought. I didn't realize you get more gold and experience by killing closer to the enemy tower. I think that is fare and balanced. Thanks Charlie-Sheening, because of your tip I beat hard 14:58.
Great game, can't wait for the next one.
Make good use of your spells. When the A.I. stacks 10-15 archers he can devastate your army early, unless you nail them with a spell fist. It can take them all out in one hit.