Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Agree with FallenAngelValor

How is it that on frickin easy mode the Computer has level 3 soldiers before im even half way to unlocking them especially wen i had 10 guys right at their front door ummm no. This game is like o shit im losing...... hmmmm technically I need 1500 more exp points to spawn this class..... Fuck that ima computer GOOOO MINIONS GOOO!!!!!!!!!!! man this is weak


Its so Fun It took me 40 Minutes To Beat LOL
It was hard because The other town sent goblens like Non Stop
I Though i was Gonna Loose untill i got the lighting skill and killed em alll!!!

Omg Make more like it...but Give me more Gold And bett quality, Deferint maps and levels
10/10 5/5 !!!


You honestly didn't see a single problem with giving more gold and experience to the person that's winning? If you mistakenly upgrade your units too early, no combination of units can push the computer back when he's gaining double the gold than you are, and can easily spam you with a hundred archers and rape you from the beginning.

Not bad!

Had fun. Good way to spend a lunch break. Remains challenging through the first play through.

the sound

i cant turn off the sound