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Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"


a very good strategy game

The impossible difficulty is really impossible.

I find this to be really enjoyable. The normal and hard were about the same, but the impossible difficulty is just to hard. I tried different methods of playing and I just get overwhelmed.

seriously guys

You are all a bunch of fing noobs.
I made it through hard mode in 18 minutes.
Now grow some hair on your balls because this game isnt hard at all -.-

Good time waster!

Game was alright. Played many like it before but I did like the idea of different terrain. Other than the lack of originality my only other complaint would be that I never could unlock the last few things. It only took me 15 minutes on easy and 20 on impossible.

Solid Game

The concept isn't really original, but overall, the game is quite fun. Be ready for a long, long, game if your gonna try impossible.