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Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Great way to kill time.

I played this game on Normal, and WON in 22 minutes, so I think the game is sufficiently difficult.

I liked this game, but I seemed to have screen scrolling problems. I'm not sure if this is just my CPU acting up or a bug, but if it's the latter, then please fix.

Again, a good game.

Not front page worthy

I tried to like this game. I really did.

I started on normal - it was much too hard for normal. The computer had a significant advantage over me. I consider normal to be about even.

I started again on normal, using a different strategy. I was beaten even quicker.

I then played on easy. It started out alright, but fairly soon, it was obvious that the computer was able to gain resources MUCH faster than me. On easy.

I don't understand how you thought this game was at a good balance upon releasing it. Speaking of balance - what the hell is up with the fact that, after a HUGE wave of enemies, they get even stronger by being able to overlap making my primary and secondary going up against a primary and sometimes even FOUR others?!

I'm sorry to say, but I agree with n8iveidio14. You need to go back to the drawing board with this one. I like the idea, love the terrain, but the game runs ridiculously slow and needs to be completely reworked in the terms of balance.

I obviously didn't get there, but this seems like it would go on for a LONG time and become quite boring after a while. It's something to think about.

Normal too hard

I'm not going to even bother with beginner...

This is such a bad rip off of Epic war

This had such terrible gameplay first of all
the beginning of the game is crucially unsatisfying
The terrain was beautiful =)

Have you ever used an bow and arrow before? please watch a video on youtube how a arrow flies in the arrow -_- that was such an insult to our ancestors for inventing such a flowing weapon

The arrow doesn't banana or rainbow across a short distance -_-

I understand their is limited space but when the arrowman is not pointing in the correct degree or direction it just appears to be stupid
But I will come back to this again...

Wow, I tried it again, and wtf (I played on Hard) and the money distribution is NOT BALANCED

i SURVIVED 15 MINUTES and this guy somehow reaches the 25k exp mark -_- how the hell is and where the hell is the AI getting these NUMEROUS ammounts of EXP and GOLD to fund all this! do your damn math! so many balancing issues!

I need more bounty atleast to keep up with the onslaught of this undying AI army - I finish off 20 of their enemies by staying at my base to only reach a certain point where I can only stand where I spawn and shoot arrows than to only break free and die to a hero WHICH IS ALSO NOT BALANCED! to see him swing for 8s FLAT! and lose my entire army -_- than MORE GUYS AGAIN!!! does this horror not end! now I'm vsing these mages -_- and a hero with my limited funding, limited technology, limited cannons, with limited upgrades EVERYTHING IS LIMITED!!!
while this AI gets the blessing of a lifetime to destroy me relentlessly with units that shouldn't even be introduced 30 minutes before I do


Tutorial was crap to what was being presented in game play - utter bullocks

absolutely terrible...

i went on normal and suddenly he got 20 soliders to storm my stronghold in like 1 minute in. i could understand maybe if i was on impossible that would happen but normal...? If you are gonna make a good game make one that has difficulty = what it says. make sure there is some kind of learning curve as well, not just tutorial......go! All i did was lose, on normal. try next time adding a little less agression on this game and make it more fun to play....easy is slightly difficult as well.