Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Please, take my advice and this game would b GREAT

Read the review below mine, listen to him. And now listen to me.

The menu system needs an overhaul, the enemy was constantly producing enemies and coridinating its forces faster than I could navigate my menu, the end result being that my line was usually pushed back while I was upgrading and monitering money and cooldowns, either slow the AI down, or build a more tangible menu.

Aside from that, it was excellent. Keep up the good work :).

great single battle experience.

i really enjoyed the innovative experience and resource system, forcing you to go on the offense instead of relying on tower and chief kills.

if you rated low because of difficulty, go play hello kitty island adventure, you nubs.

you need to make a sequel with maybe different races of goblins and a map so its more then just one fight, which is why i docked you 2 points. the game is a great start but feels unfinished as is.

good fame could use improvment

to peopel who say they cant beat the game and your useing all theses complicated stratageies your over thniking it its a game just send a cluster fuck of people out and you win it the way i did it it took me 23 min

Took a few tries to get the hang of it

The first few tries I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on and I lost every time... but once you get the hang of it you will it will get really chaotic and fun!

Finally figured it out and beat in 21 minutes, was really tight when I figured out what I was doing.

**Always have about 7-10 warriors, 7 archers and 3 mages...Or some variation of that, a huge amount of archers and a decent line of warriors to keep the enemies busy and you will win...Of course also upgrade a lot...

22 min also

Its a "strategic game" so u must upgrade and think about the unit you want one the battle field. I liked it, I'm going for impossible. :)