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Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Pretty good

Nice game, but could use some tweeks. For anyone who is annoyed with the music problem, turn off the music from the first menu and it should stay off until you win/lose or start a new game.

War game

It's very good made and all,but it can't beat Age of War.Anyways good job.;D

How to improve on what could be a great game!

This has the basis to be a good game, it just needs some tweeks.
1. Mini-map to show where the units are on the entire field. Scrolling left and right is slow and unintuitive.
2. Some other way to increase gold acquisition. It is way to slow and sporadic to effectively use any strategy other than "zerg" with the current way to get gold.
3. Lower experience unlock requirements, especially for the soldier. It takes WAY too long to get what is only the third unit type.
4. Technical: If you turn off the music, then start a new game the music will come back and there will be no way to turn it off after that.
5. Branching ways to get to the other castle. It will increase strategy, and actually give a reason to look over the field during battles.

I didn't like this quite much

i played many such games in hard mode and won (all command and conquer games, that are based on MUCH more tactics, plants vs zombies, etc. etc.) but in this game i lost slowly on normal mode. i had upgraded archers behind upgraded slaves against just slaves (at the beginning) and i lost slowly.....that can't be! this game just made me angry......and because i had no fun and because i didn't like the graphics i give it a 6/10 for the effort ;)

Really great game!

I'd give you a 10, but then you wouldn't try to do better next time ;) really though, make alternate tribes, and change specialties about them, such as each tribe trains a specific unit at a higher strength than the other, I see some room for improvement, but its really good!!!