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Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

fun little quick game

best strategy i found is to start pumping out ground troops, as many as you can, as quick as you can. dont worry about upgrading anything until you have a very solid footing against the computer. remember, the closer you are to the enemy tower, the more coins you get per death and per kill, and the more experience points and fame you get. more fame = more auto coins per tick. the enemy tower cannon can take out ground troops pretty easy early on, but its better to send out as many as you can to keep your enemy's hands tied while racking up experience points than let them swarm your castle while they get better troops faster.

fun game


good game...


With one big issue, it's easy, on any setting. Your magic attacks are free, with a timer, the computer just cant keep up. The lighting attack basically clears the field.
It's fun but dose not deliver the challenge when it should.


i like it!


It was a good game, But the music problem annoyed me.
Also It's feel way to short, There should more levels