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Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Balance = Broken. Bugs.

Seriously, did you even try your own game? DId you even playtest it? Its friggin' unbeatable!! On NORMAL!

The CPU doesnt even seem to use the same game rules as we do! He keeps poping huge hordes out of nowhere, and the advance in units types and power wayyyyyyyyyy faster than we do. He can also have a hero WAY before we can.

....Unless they do and get a huge advantage (they have anyway) since they attack close to us constantly.. hence getting rep.
....But with me on the offense at full capacity, it didnt seem to make ANY difference whatsoever, he kept poping stuff like crazy at an insane rate. I simply could not slow them down or kill them fast enough to even get a stalemate!

It looks interesting but i cant even get past the first level.

I summoned my hero once. He proved what i suspected;we was a hopeless weakling,and the ennemy hero, despite the fact he never killed one of my own, was higher level than mine!

We cant improve our income rate on defense (due to rep) and attacking is friggin' hard since we are outmatched at every turn.

Oh yeah,i founf a game-breaking bug:
i was attacking near his stronghold,and the ennemy units that poped and tried to move stacked instead. Like, 20 of them in the space of one. It could kill me in a heartbeat. THis stakcing problem happens very, very often..but mostly in the CPU's favor. Archers do that often. THe only counter is the first spell (wich takes ages to get ready again)

Rethink your balance, playtest your game. Your game has potential, but right now its not fun, its extremely frustrating, the CPU cheats and bugs help him. Only a single strategy works - attack. (but even that is doomed to fail anyway, CPU cheats, remember?)

Attack. Constantly. Always. Attack, attack, attack, pile up archers, upgrade defense of trrops to increase life expectancy, attack. Attack.

its unbeatable

the game was fine but its bloody unbeatable the AI has a x100 gold growth he builds hundreds of enemies in a matter of seconds!

he was designed to be unbeatable.
and the enemy hero is also leveling up far too fast and this was all on the easy settings... so i have no idea what you ere on when you thought it was the easy settings....


A campaign will make it only better!

great bug

while my units line up his units pile up ....


Awesome game! I love the gameplay and the graphics.

Good job! 10/10