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Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

Offensive is the Best Defense

I finished it in 21 on my first try.
I found it easy.People who are complaining did not took the tutorial...
The tutorial says clearly that to increase your income you have to stay close to the enemy to earn reputation. The more reputation you have the more money & exp you get.
My advice is
Never upgrade the castle waste of money.
Just upgrade till level 4 after that it gets too expensive not worth it.
Try to have always more than 10 units in the field.
If your units die is good you earn money :)
Just focus on not allowing the enemy to get near your castle and Try your best for your units to stay as close to the enemy as possible and you will win.

i love this game :D

beat it in 00:22:32 on normal :D


The graphics are well done, not over drawn or simplified, but very nice to look at, sounds too were... pretty good, but more variety wouldv'e been great though. Gameplay... its impossible to beat. On normal, the douche below me, I don't know what he's been smoking, but you've made the game literally impossible to beat. And that drains ALOT of the fun out of this, otherwise awesome game.

In these games, e.g Age of war, upgrading the tower is often the way to go, it does 2 things, gives you great defence, and does the same job as soldiers do, but never degrades or dies, and gives the enemy 0 gold and 0 xp. Now, I found it interesting that despite not once using a soldier the enemy was able to upgrade their tower and endlessly spam soldiers AND be able to get assassins before me. Where could they be getting the xp and gold? Poor game balance that's where. From then on it was just a lost cause, sure, I was holding out fine, my hero was raping everything, and anything that got near my tower died within a second, but then, here is where Mr. ffgameplayer here really showed his true talent, one catapult, one, destroyed not only my tower from out of range and insanely quick, BUT IT KILLED MY LVL 6 HERO WITH ALL ABILITIES USED.

GG badgame is bad, so anti fun.

Also, nice LotR reference with the Wargs, was hoping for a lack of WoW/LotR/some other nerd war game/book/media outlet but whatever.

Very Good Game

I've got a great stragedy to beat hard in under 16:00, but for the life of me I have yet to beat the impossible level... extremely challenging and enjoyable game. Lots of room here for a full game experience like a sequel or a reboot with many suggestions already made in the reviews. Well done!

Really good

First time i played i failed completely. Second time, i changed my strategy and won in 28 minutes. Really good game but i wasn't wable to get the last unit. Not that i really needed it from having two catapults but it'd be cool to see it...