Reviews for "Clan Wars - Goblin Forest"

A boring game

This design of game is old and stale, and it was never good to begin with. I can appreciate your efforts to inject variety with the terrain, but it ultimately failed becauye varying terrain amounts to nothing more than another luck factor, unless you have control over troop placement.

Ultimately, like any other game of it's ilk, it comes down to spamming the biggest unit you can. 1 catapult and 19 warg riders won me the game, after 21 painful minutes.


Good game mate. After a little training i managed to beat insane in 16min.

Few possible improvements:
1) Map, shows where your units are, where your hero is and where your enemies units are.
2) Battle field a little 'higher'. When i open the unit window it will cover the battle field
3) More maps
4) If possible; multiplayer would be epic


Though I think it could be better, but it certainly is great. Anyone who complains about this being hard really just suck.. All you need is an army of worg riders with 3 on damage and 3 on defence. :P

Offensive is the Best Defense

I finished it in 21 on my first try.
I found it easy.People who are complaining did not took the tutorial...
The tutorial says clearly that to increase your income you have to stay close to the enemy to earn reputation. The more reputation you have the more money & exp you get.
My advice is
Never upgrade the castle waste of money.
Just upgrade till level 4 after that it gets too expensive not worth it.
Try to have always more than 10 units in the field.
If your units die is good you earn money :)
Just focus on not allowing the enemy to get near your castle and Try your best for your units to stay as close to the enemy as possible and you will win.

i love this game :D

beat it in 00:22:32 on normal :D