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Reviews for "12345"

Needs improvement

I have to agree with the voice acting mentioned below, although I was able to make out what was said. The punch line didn't happen quickly enough for my liking, that whole section should have been made quicker, like a quick "chomp". Other than that, it worked pretty well.

This isn't too bad.

A bit short, but actually pretty funny. Are there going to be more Demented Disney? Or are there already?

horrible voice acting

I couldn't even watch the whole thing becouse the voice action is so annoying. The lines are very hard to understand, the accentuation is very bad and the voices are distorted in a terrible way! It's clear that all the voices were done by you, but you don't seem to be able to distort your voice in any way that sounds good. You'd better hire voice actors next time!
But not the voices are the only problem with this toon. The animation looks awful too. You seem to have good drawing skills, but the way you use them is pretty bad! It has all the things I hated in the Disney cartoons as a child: awkward figures with awkward colours and changeing shape - an awful style!
I couldn't find anything good in your toon!


Little short though, and I caught one or two minor glitches, but over all well done. Finally someone points out, while there is an undoubtlable cool factor, the pure stupidity of giving a fully grown tiger free range in a palace.

Can't wait for the sequal, (The little mermaid and friends meet the dragnet?:P)

well it doesn't quite make the cut

The main problem with this animation is the length and also execution of it at the end. When you are making a short animation it is really important that the ending really has a strong execution which wasn't really there. The strong animation points of this video were the backgrounds rather then the characters themselves which would have some conflicting hierarchy. Try to keep these issues in mind and I'm sure the next animation you come up with will be very entertaining so just keep working at it.