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Reviews for "12345"

Wow that cat let him self go....

I love this parody on aladdin movie. I guessing they never heard of low cat diet for rassa (i think i misspelled that name) I love the animation and the voice acting is good to. The ending caught me off guard and the ending credits song had a nice beat to it. Any clue where I can download it? I can't wait for you to do Peter Pan... Keep up the good work. =)

You've got potential...

Personally, I actually liked it. You have something here to build upon.

The 90's Disney flicks are filled with suggestive material, so making a parody along those lines would be great. You have the art down; maybe make the animation a little faster.

What you should do, if you ever decide to make a 'Demented Disney' series, is make more lengthier parodies that summarize a given movie in a nutshell. A good example would be Ukinojoe's "Indiada Jodes". Also try to work on the voice acting and add more sound effects.

All in all, a decent submission. Here's hoping for a series to bloom out.

Surprised !

The animation was fluid, I like that style; could have been a little smoother.
But it fits the "Demented"-Concept.
Actually the soundeffects were one of the most funniest details ! ( I just love the sound of breaking glass :D )

I could have been a little longer, and you could parody some other scenes as well !
So I'll give it a solid 7/10, keep it up man ;)

Not really funny

the animation was poor and it was too short. I would try approaching something else for a parody. You may have better luck

Not something to be remembered

This is a complete insult to the original Disney movie. The artwork was effortless and the humor was bad. Please don't make any more of these