Reviews for "Ask Raptor Jesus"

Good, but since the end I have been traumatised for life. *shudders at memory of hairy guy dancing on pole*

Because that guy at the end was dancing on a stripper pole, i am scared to go to sleep

YOU are one strange dude, Greasy Moose (Sexual Lobster). I love the utter organized randomness of your movies. It makes sense but at the same time, it doesn't in a weird, but hilarious fashion.

Wow, I dont know how to describe how awesome that was!
Animation = Great (Can be better, but it is a short one so doesnt really matter)
Music = Nostalgic & Good (More music = More awesomeness, and only the people who saw Quest of the Manwhore would feel nostalgic. Yet again, it was short so it doesnt really matter..)
Voice Acting = Good (Kinda bland and without taste at times, but that only goes for the minor characters)
Humor = Good or Average (Since some people have no idea about politics, they might not get it at all)
Notes : Keep up the good work, your stuff is the only drug that prevents me from commiting suicide.

This episode of Q&A.....

Makes me wonder why Raptor Jesus can at least man up in front of the camera and tell us what's actually going to happen on Velocirapture.