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Reviews for "Y.U.G.C.A.T.I.I"

I liked this for one reason, and one reason alone:

The part on the elevator where you juggle the imps with the chainsaw with Muzak on the background. The music was also saveworthy. The controls... no, really. Space for jump? Why not W? And for that matter, why not S for switching weapons?

It's good but.

It's fun, but that scrolling feature reaaally takes away from the game and makes changing weapons incredibly difficult.

good game

good game all things considered. my only complaints are the controls (W would be good for jumping and S for changing weapons) and the aparent lack of sound FX, but my speakers are crapy so that might just be me


Its abit fun.. but too easy and it got the useless driving sequence.. U can just use the guitar till the elevator and then use the chainsaw on the elevator and flamethrower on train... i dont like that the boss is only hurt from last gun and chaingun and the gun + smg is useless so is that cannon thingie. But yeah.. make abit more use of the gun and smg or just remove them and same for the driving sequence