Reviews for "DONT CUSS"

If you wanna hang with us...

I dont wanna hear you cuss.

Everyother word was burning at my ears

So I took a step up and challenged all my peers


no I shall not stop cussing sir

not bad. nice song. please upload it here and pm me the link. thanks.

the reason i gave you ANY rating at all is because you have potential to be thenew Gwatsky or big wax. but let me make this clear
CUSSING is just another word in our language and to supress it as wrong or "foul" is bieng ignorant to the simple right of living. in other words, theres nothing wrong with it. you should embrace your language, and by the by, DONT use 300 tags to confuse people and bring them to something you should know they will hate on, i mean, this is newgrounds! my finaly notion is the video, blatant child porn attempt, the possible epilepsy caused by that picture and the absolute pointlessness to it in general.

Doctor-Gordon responds:

you probably sucked A LOT of dicks