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Reviews for "Happy Old Miner"

Great work falkom!

I'm waiting for the next one!

Fun, but too short.

I love these escape games, shame this couldn't be longer. You could always make a sequel where the elevator doesn't get you out, it just goes to another part of the mine or something. The "No Trespassing" sign could lead on to some sort of secret Blofeld like hide out.


I found the game amusing enough to keep me playing it until finding my way out of the mine (in a certain sense). Yes, it's a bit short, but you did a good job with it. I think that if your next submission will be a longer game of this nature, it will be worth to play.

Love the ending!

I hope there is a sequel XD and even if there isn't this was pretty sweet to play through. :D I like the part with the elevator and the part where u use the boot, and what the dogie does after you revive it :)


don't know if its a glitch or just me, but I wasnt able to select the lamp.