Reviews for "Prince of Persia"

kinda hard...

all the running gets pretty annoying but other wise, Nice!


truly requires skill to play, but still has a safety net for when you fuck up. masterful use of rewinding, as well. instead of giving limited rewind, someone could go back as far as he needs to, which is an obvious plus because sometimes you need to backtrack pretty far to redo your move successfully. Overall, a standup game, and a standup premise. I approve.


It's an awesome game for it being flash. I just somewhat hate the time manipulation, since it takes the challenge out but I suppose it is necessary. Keep up the good work.


Really impressive game which requires quick thinking and skill! Mixing the acrobatics and fighting of the PoP games and integrating them with flash worked tremendously well.
The only thing I would comment on are the controls, while you do get used to them as time goes on, it's easy to screw up - and you pay a huge punishment for screwing up as well!

9/10 - Good, fast paced, fun.


i want to see the movie i own every game too