Reviews for "Prince of Persia"

It was alright.

Ubisoft, I would like to take this time to tell you how you've completely ruined Prince of Persia. You released one really good game, followed up with a dumb "edgy" sequel, but finished it with a good third game. Then you made Prince of Persia, which had no prince and I certainly wasn't in Persia. I really liked that game, but you ended it with crappy epilogue DLC, and now you've re-rebooted your franchise. Get your act together and pick something!

better than the other auto running games butt stil

not super amazing...

god its good!!

ut's gameplay is just simply amazing....


It was pretty much a pimped out version of Cannabalt (which is a pretty great game), and it was fairly entertaining.
Still not buying whatever game that's being marketed.

Love it? Hate it!!

Crap!! the auto-run feature is rele stupid.. why cant i just roam left or right like any other game? >:(