Reviews for "Prince of Persia"

Not the best, not even close

I know this is more of a marketing advertisement to hype up your newest Prince of Persia game before the release date but this is nothing spectacular. I managed to play through one stage with one hand and finish with a full health bar. The sands are endless which only makes it a simple "redo" over and over again, unlike the actual Sands of Time trilogy which gave you a certain amount of sands before you could rewind no more. That actually brought about challenge and made you TRY to get everything right on the first go so you could preserve the sands when you really needed them.

If this is what's to be expected from the latest Prince of Persia game then I'm going to cancel my pre-order post-haste. Like I said at the beginning, I'm aware this is just to help sell your game but it's a poor attempt at best.

You know rewinding time would be great...

if there wasn't a glitch that didn't make it go all the way back to the very beginning of the game! What the hell?


The game was okay at the best.

What was that...

Reasonably diverting, and fairly pretty, BUT...

Ubisoft, do you not remember what Prince of Persia is? It's the extension of a fantastic Sega Megadrive platformer, full of skill, timing and atmosphere, with the same feel as the first 3D game. Recreating that game in Flash would be a fantastic investment of time, yet this is unlike it in every way. If you want to make a 2D Prince of Persia, keep loyal and make what a 2D Prince of Persia actually is.

Readers: If you like Prince of Persia, maybe find an emulator and get the original Prince of Persia on Megadrive. Or it may be on DOS too, among other platforms.
Do not play this sham.

It Wont Load

Gah Fix It Now