Reviews for "Miserable Mac Intro"

i liked it but i have some kind of complain...

well i liked the animation a lot and i want to see the actual series as it seems rather interesting but i have a little complain.... he looks kind of husky and also practices karate or some form of martial arts which looks weird in whats supposed to be a boy genius (or nerd) that is constantly bothered by bullies as it looks like he could whoop them with no trouble....... even more if he has a pal thats good in soccer (kick to the holy place XD)


Kick Ass!

Who says he's a nerd? He just wears glasse :)


Loved it!; it looks like the fight between nerds and normal people xD

epic loved it

this intro was awsome mac looks like a cool kid and his friend sam aswell olivia looked kick ass if i say so myself i loved it and will hope to see the first ep when it comes ill give it a ten and vote 5 bye

Holy Cow

This looks really good! The animation is crisp and the art is quite good as well. It looks very interesting, and I can't wait to see the first episode!