Reviews for "Miserable Mac Intro"

It's ok

The movie has ok animations could have spent more time on them. Love the title page. Love the characters so yay 9/10

slightly better than what I would expect

so I came into this video with no real expectations, the artstyle at the beginning reminded me of Kirbopher's work, however, other than the fact that you did the animation really nicely, there wasn't anything particularly impressive or memorable about this intro. I've seen many an intro that captures my attention quite nicely, this one didn't. It was one of those things where I wanted to love it. The animation was better than average and the music was good, but the scenes were just copy paste Japanimation cop outs with very little originality. I swear I've seen every pose and every scene in another anime before. The eyes opening were cliche, the villains look like a bunch of doofuses and the protagonists look like your typical cast of mainstream anime rejects/15 year old guys OC's that you find on Deviant Art. The main character was the only person who looked vaguely interesting and I'm pretty sure I can glean exactly who the other characters are just from my personal experience with anime. Also, that whole "anime inspired" thing is good, but not when there's so much "inspiration" pumped into the video it's practically a bad clone of the thing you've been inspired by. I have no problem with the anime inspired stuff, look at ben 10 and Avatar, those have great looks, it's just this style says "bad copy" and not "inspired by"

However, for all the shortcomings I see in this animation. I like it. I wish the best of luck to you, and I hope to see more of the series soon. But please, get rid of the Japanese one the end of the characters names, it just cheapens an otherwise decent animation and adds to the "copy" feel.

Pretty Awesome!

Intros are supposed to be random and background-y, so that doesn't even phase me. Looks like it's about to be an interesting series, I'll try and keep posted! (Also, I'm just waiting for Mac to pull a Clark Kent if you catch my drift. EPIC.)


I don't even know if my brain is still in one piece..
It was that epic.
5/5 as soon as the intro started.


What an intro... that was great! I gotta see more!