Reviews for "Miserable Mac Intro"

The intro was great although.....

.....the running part seemed to be copied from Egoraptor's end credits of Girlchan in Paradise.
I'm still looking forward to this.

i liked it but i have some kind of complain...

well i liked the animation a lot and i want to see the actual series as it seems rather interesting but i have a little complain.... he looks kind of husky and also practices karate or some form of martial arts which looks weird in whats supposed to be a boy genius (or nerd) that is constantly bothered by bullies as it looks like he could whoop them with no trouble....... even more if he has a pal thats good in soccer (kick to the holy place XD)



Looks good, I look forward to seeing the movies.

I dont understand the title

but that intro was fuckin badass , nice work

Nice movie

really nice art!