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Reviews for "NK - Nine Circles"

People might be thinking: WOT Rukkus is hacking newgrounds he has more downloads than plays. This song was used as one of the starting points in a new level design in geometry dash. That being said... THIS IS A GOOD SONG. gots all the good parts in what a good dubstep song is.

nine circles by zobros ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Can You make 10 circles ???? It would be really epic.

In GD, this song is legendary...

(i know that people are bringing it up alot and i belive that its annoying, but its true Fact)

Nine Circles By Zobros Nine Circles My NK xD Also Rukkus Do U Play Geometry Dash? Also MY 5 RATES BELONG TO THIS ITS AMAZING