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Reviews for "NK - Nine Circles"

The most awesome part is from 0:00 to the end. Really goog music!

Umm why does this not have like 100.000.000 plays and downloads? You deserve more than just 9.600 plays and 37.600 downloads. BEST SONG EVAH!!!!!!!!!

Oh Mewh... Gawd this song is so freaking awesome!!!!!
Best song

If I could put a trillion stars, I would. I love both drops, the dubstep literally possesses you and you can't let it go. I also love how dramatic the buildups are, especially the second one. Just... man. I played the part before the drop in Music at school today, along with TheFatRat's Windfall. I have to say, both are great compositions but I believe this is the best. The drop is absolutely ear rape, but it's enjoyable. I always make sure I listen to this which headphones on full volume for the best effect (hairs standing up everywhere, chills, you name it) because I can't not love this song. My favourite dubstep song ever, along with your Fairydust.

Geometry Dash Miracle:

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