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Reviews for "Trickochet"

That was fun

I really liked it! It was very entertaining!

Though A Great Game For All Ages...

Extremely well done game, design, characters, sound, and all but...there is a serious gameplay flaw.

The sound matches well with the intricate design and the character and dialogue fit excellently. The challenges are interesting and worth the tries. Par and course design are creative with the portals and such and the block types.

However, I am not convinced by the jumping part, where there is no way to get the shot otherwise, jumping to make a shot or restart--ending the character's "life" as the way out. There should be some penalty for dropping out to nowhere, like reset points or so. Also, mind the negative implication.. Another technique might be a swinging mechanism just to name one way of handling those shots. That is important and it seems plain odd or unresolved.

Beside the oddity of jumping, it's an excellent game.


Very puzzling game, very awesome

Innovative and Fun!

What else can I say? It really made my day, and I couldn't stop playing it until I finished all the levels. Now I need to get all the Gold Trophies. Great job.

Love the concept

And the music is just great.