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Reviews for "Trickochet"

pretty fun

but some levels are just to hard, didnt like how you could walk where ever you wanted also

Awesome, except Level 30.

Like all the others, I quit at Level 30, it requires an extreme precise shot, but im glad i got all golds in the 29 levels i did, aside from 2, and im glad at level 30 theres only 2 more levels. the graphics are good, design is good, doesnt really get boring or repetitive because the levels get exceedingly hard. for future notes, yes, make it less precise.

5minutesoff responds:

Thanks for your feedback and to the guy below as well. I've uploaded a new version which tweaks some of the levels and pars. It has to be approved though which said 24 - 48 hours.

Gave up at level 30...

Not a bad game, but it relies too heavily on pixel-perfect aiming, especially towards the end. In those levels that require that, the walkthrough is almost useless.

If you guys make a follow-up with this game, please don't make us shoot targets through the eye of a needle; it really took the fun away from this game.

Sound and visuals are pretty good, however, and I was enjoying myself prior to the latter half of the game.


gets old fast

level 30 maxed

it needs to indicate how far off you are from the end also maybe tips after numerous tries?

5minutesoff responds:

That's a great idea. I think it's probably too late on this version since it's distributed everywhere + tied to the walkthrough, but I'll definitely do it in any future titles.