Reviews for "Tate Vs iTwixer"

I have to say...

That was pretty Badass! Great Animation, great action and the lack of a story is unimportant.

Maple Story :D

i love maple story and this movie is just aewsone! :D


This is the Shiznis!

There is some really cool action in here!
You really know how to move your characters around!

Oh nice Tate~

Never knew you had a newground account.
I am one of your subs on youtube.
Hope you'll have fame on newground soon.
Good Luck~

good bro just one thing off

I dunno if it was my pc or what but I think it was the animation, the music sounds kinda scratched, i dunno if its because you cranked it up or something but you should check it out. other than that ...GOOD JOB BROSKI