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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"


I had really loved Beauty is Humanity, and now I can bask in the glory that is becoming Human Ages ^^ I love the idea of how we will continue to evolve, which isn't too far-fetched of a theory when you think about it. The humor was also good, and didn't seem to grow old for me. The Flux Capacitor was definitely an LOL moment. Props man

Got me hooked.

I like how you said, "I hope you love it." because you totally knew we would do just that. Two thumbs up and a green light for future episodes Human Ages.

Frankly, I'm pretty impressed; I haven't stumbled upon such a good flash in a while.


i hope for a sequel real soon

This thing is awesome

EVanimations responds:

you'll get 2 sequels at once + 1 game within the summer.

wow that was cool

i can't wait until another one!!!!!


I always thought that it'd be cool if UFO's were just us coming back from the future :D